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The perfect winter Bay Area roadtrip


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If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ll know the weather lately is gray, wet, and dreary.  And with President’s Day and Valentine’s Day coming up, I wanted to pass along a dreary day-winter roadtrip idea that won’t take too much planning or too much time.  Perfect for a quick getaway.

Head to the California Coast.  More specifically, Half Moon Bay and Pescadero.  Just get on Highway 92 West all the way to the end till you hit Highway 1, and turn left heading South.  Easy enough.

Along the way you’ll find some great places to find good food and just enjoy the drive.  Head down to Duarte’s Tavern for lunch. You have to order two things:  Artichoke Soup and Ollalieberry Pie.  The Artichoke Soup is creamy yet flavorful and not too heavy.  But the sourdough bread that they serve with your meal is the perfect partner for it.  It’s crusty on the outside and warm and soft on the inside.  Just the best.  And the Ollalieberry Pie is what they’re famous for.  It has the texture of a raspberry with the color of a blueberry pie.  People have said that if you don’t get the Ollalieberry Pie at Duarte’s, it’s a sin.  Period.

Then while in Pescadero, stop by Phipps Country Store and Farm.  They have a fabulous selection of herbs, fruits, veggies, jams and jellies, and nuts.  It’s a great place to visit.  Don’t miss their Peach and Ollalieberry jams!

While on your drive down Highway 1, make stops along the road to take in the beautiful view of the coast and hear the sound of waves crashing.  It’s beautiful whether the skies are blue or gray.  The area is known for it’s foggy environment anyway.

Stay at either Costanoa ( in Pescadero or The Beach House ( in Half Moon Bay (which is back up Highway 1 North).  The Beach House is a fabulous weekend getaway.  You’ll feel like you’re far away from the Bay Area and if you get an Ocean View room, it’s truly spectacular.  You can read the paper and have coffee on your balcony overlooking the ocean.  Those rooms have a kitchenette too. 

Costanoa is a great destination for families with three types of accomodations: tents, cabins, and hotel rooms. I suggest the Cabin Rooms, which have real character and a back porch that overlooks the mountains.  And you’re only a brief walk away from the ocean.

If you have time on the way home, don’t miss one of the many fruit and veggie stands with super fresh produce from the large number of farms in the area.

Now doesn’t that sound like a nice weekend?


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