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Parisian Cookies in SF


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Ever since our trip to Paris last year, my friend Jen and I have dreamt of those fantastic macarons at the legendary Laduree restaurant.  These are no American macaroons that are more like shortbread or butter cookies.  Parisian “macarons” are like wafer cookies.  Slightly crisp on the outside and tender spongy cookie on the inside.  And sandwiched between two of these lovely flavored cookies are a complementary filling.  Some are creamy, some are a jelly, others are chewy.

So Jen and I tried about six of the over eleven different flavors (some seasonal) offered at Paulette Macarons in San Francisco.  And while none of them were terrible, only a few of them truly stood out enough for us to definitely recommend.

The Madagascar Vanilla was subtle and sweet.  The Violet Cassis was not as subtle, nuanced, or brilliant as the Laduree version, but it’s a very good alternative.  But the Caramel was my favorite.  Chewy with its caramel center and a great buttery flavor.  Again, it’s no Salted Caramel flavor from Laduree, but I definitely could’ve eaten about three or four of them in one sitting.

At a buck sixty for each little cookie, it’s no bargain.  But if you’re craving a little taste of Paris, or want to savor a well crafted sweet treat, it does the job very nicely.

Paulette Macarons – 437 Hayes St., San Francisco AND 9466 Charleville Blvd., Beverly Hills

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Pinkberry: Such a Whatev Experience


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I don’t get it.  I officially don’t get any of the hype that this chain of frozen yogurt shops has created.

Pinkberry gained notoriety in Los Angeles.  They’ve now got outlets in both California and New York, but most recently in San Jose’s Santana Row.

Let’s file Pinkberry under all the other fast food fads that are all style and no substance, shall we?  There’s Cold Stone, Starbucks, PF Changs…you get the picture.

It’s not quite the texture of a good soft serve ice cream.  It’s more like your typical everyday yogurt, tart and tangy, blended super smooth with ice to form a creamy texture.

That’s it!  I can’t believe there was so much hype around this stuff!  Has no one in LA ever had regular yogurt before???  Let’s just say I’m not going to be making any special trips down to SJ for this stuff.  Heck, I don’t even know if I’d visit it again if I were at Santana Row.  So not worth it.

Pinkberry – Santana Row – Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose