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Pinkberry: Such a Whatev Experience


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I don’t get it.  I officially don’t get any of the hype that this chain of frozen yogurt shops has created.

Pinkberry gained notoriety in Los Angeles.  They’ve now got outlets in both California and New York, but most recently in San Jose’s Santana Row.

Let’s file Pinkberry under all the other fast food fads that are all style and no substance, shall we?  There’s Cold Stone, Starbucks, PF Changs…you get the picture.

It’s not quite the texture of a good soft serve ice cream.  It’s more like your typical everyday yogurt, tart and tangy, blended super smooth with ice to form a creamy texture.

That’s it!  I can’t believe there was so much hype around this stuff!  Has no one in LA ever had regular yogurt before???  Let’s just say I’m not going to be making any special trips down to SJ for this stuff.  Heck, I don’t even know if I’d visit it again if I were at Santana Row.  So not worth it.

Pinkberry – Santana Row – Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose


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  1. I totally agree with you. Tried a “sample” of the pomegranate and green tea to really understand the hype, even my lil cousin who’s transplanted to LA raved about it. I was nto impressed at all. Did like the mochi toppings and exotic fruits…maybe that’s what make people swoon over them.

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