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A Quick Trip to Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong just recently for a VERY quick four day trip. And though I spent most of my time there with family, I made sure to make a special trip to one of my favorite restaurants there. Ironically, it’s not a Chinese joint either.

Lo Chiu Restaurant in Kowloon (they have three different locations) serves up some REALLY good Vietnamese food. So good that I have my favorite standbys I have to order everytime I’m there.

Beef Tripe Curry w/Potatoes

For appetizers we always order the Baked Crabmeat Loaf and Deep Fried Spring Rolls. For the main courses we love the Sauteed Crab in Curry Sauce or Beef Tripe in Curry Sauce, Beef Tripe Pho in Tomato Broth, and an order of buttered French Garlic Bread. You need the bread to sop up all that lovely curry sauce, trust me :). Their food is so damn good I think about it the minute I get off the plane. And if you love curry, you really can’t miss it.

But one tip, get there before 7pm or you’re in for a big wait.

I’ve been to so many different Vietnamese joints but I can’t visit Hong Kong without going to Lo Chiu Restaurant. There’s nothing in the way of service or atmosphere, but they make up for it in the food.

Lo Chiu Restaurant – Various locations in Kowloon (Tsim Tsa Tsui, Jordan) –