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More Ferry Building Fare

Yes, yes, another trip to the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace.  I know many of you may recall my endless affection for this foodie destination, but I can’t help it.  I don’t get to go as often as I like, but when I do, I visit both my faves as well as manage to find new items to swoon over.

So on this trip, I was determined to try a DIFFERENT porchetta sandwich.  One that WASN’T Roli Roti’s (gasp)!  I’ve heard much chatter about the pork sammie at Il Cane Rosso, and that it was just as good (which I find impossible).

First, yes it is VERY good.  The crunchy fresh French bread and the pickled cabbage gave a wonderful flavor and texture contrast to the moist, well-seasoned, obviously fresh and quality pork.  It seemed to have been cooked for hours with a variety of herbs that I don’t even have in my pantry.  Delicious, indeed.  BUT, it’s still second place to Roli Roti’s.

Second, the family and I headed to Miette to give their macaroons a shot.  I’ve tried many macaroons here and there around the Bay Area, and none have impressed me much, especially since I have a ridiculous standard to live up to having had them in Paris.

To my surprise, they weren’t bad at all!  Many may disagree, but for me, it came down to the texture of the cookie, itself.  Yes, I love the flavor infusions of the macaroons I had in Paris, but the chewy center of the two cookies and the crisp outer shell are what always impressed me most.  Miette delivered on this.  And it had that light yet distinct almond flavor.  I agree with many that the fillings are a bit too sweet and lack any delicate essence, but the texture and flavor of the cookie, itself, made it a winner for me.  (By the way, the grapefruit was not a good choice, but I’d go for the pistachio again in a heartbeat.)

And no trip to the Ferry Building would be complete without a trip to Delica.  Their Japanese deli fare is so delicious and prepared so well.  The ingredients are so damn fresh and tasty.  I always get the potato croquette (still the best one I’ve ever had) and this time I got the fried shrimp cake.  Oh…my…gawd.  I’ve always had great affection for all things fried, and these two snacks certainly fit the bill.  Just order them if you ever go.  You won’t be sorry.

So I add more items to my “must haves” list for next time.  This list, by the way, is getting too big.

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THE List is Out. Let’s Discuss.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s food editor, Michael Bauer’s much hyped, much anticipated, much revered, much loathed, much debated Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants list is officially out.

We all have our faves and question many of the ones that stay on the list year after year, compared to the ones that are glaringly missing, but instead of going into that endless debate (it really boils down to the fact that everyone has a right to their own opinions), here are the ones that I AGREE with on the list, the ones I DON’T agree with, along with the ones I would LOVE to someday soon.

AD HOC – This place defies explanation. Just go, already.
HOUSE OF PRIME RIB In the words of Carly Simon, nobody does it better.
PERBACCO Exceptional service, sleek design, impeccable food.
TOWN HALL Noisy as all hell, but I’ve never had a bad meal here…ever.

Who Cares?
A16 – Overrated.
CHOW – Very good, but not worthy of this list.
BETELNUT – So what? Asian tapas. Boring.
BAR BAMBINO – This was sooooo uninteresting to me.
FOREIGN CINEMA – Again, uninteresting and getting outdated.
SLANTED DOOR – Ugh, not again! There are so many other Vietnamese joints serving the same food for half the price!
LIMON – The food and service are SO subpar and have no place on this list.
ONE MARKET – Boring.
YANK SING – Seriously, this is the best Chinese the city has to offer? Look a little harder, Bauer.

When Can We Go?
COCO 500

Why, Bauer, Why?
GITANE – What a shame that this restaurant had to get cut from the list at the last minute. This is a beautifully decorated restaurant with a creative and distinctive menu. Others on this list should’ve been sacrificed for this one.

So Foodies, feel free to let me know your thoughts…