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I’m Back…Now Vote!


Hi Folks!

I know it’s been months since my last entry, but being pregnant has definitely altered my sense of smell, taste, and my ability to fit into the same size I used to wear :).  So I’ve been on a long break.

But leave it to a historic election and some choice freebies to pull me out of hibernation. 🙂

So I’ll say this: VOTE!  It doesn’t even matter who, just go out there and be a part of history.  Make your voice heard.

Still need some incentive?  Okay, to prove how historical this election is, if you vote, you’ll get FREE STUFF!

Starbucks – Just show your “I Voted” sticker and get a free tall 12-oz. cup of brewed coffee. Limit one per customer. Participating stores only.  Update: Some news outlets are now reporting that Starbucks is suspending this free offer.  Check with your local Starbucks for confirmation.

Krispy Kreme – Again, show your “I Voted” sticker to get a free star-shaped donut with patriotic sprinkles.  Participating stores only.

Ben & Jerry’s – Get a free scoop of ice cream from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. when you show your “I Voted” sticker.  Limit one per customer at participating stores only.

So go forth and vote!  And then do the truly patriotic thing: fill up on free food :).