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Good atmosphere, mediocre food

I went to check out a restaurant that I’ve wanted to try for a very long time last week.  A16 is located in the Marina District of S.F.  I’ve heard wonderful things about their meat dishes, their thin pizzas, and that it was a real happening spot.First off, the service and locale are very nice.  The atmosphere is casual yet intimate.  I say that because I made a reservation ahead of time and got there at 6pm (before the usual dinner rush on a Friday) and they sat me in the very back of the restaurant.  It’s the only quiet spot and it was perfect for dinner conversation.  It is a real yuppie hangout for dinner and a drink at the bar.  Nice wine selection too.

I ordered the Proschutto tasting platter to share and a thin crusted Margherita pizza.  My companion had a pasta dish.  Although the proschutto was absolutely amazing and his pasta was fabulous, I was immensely disappointed in my pizza.  Although the sauce was very distinctive and the mozzerella mild, the pizza was completely soggy on the bottom because of the deluge of olive oil.  There was practically a puddle of liquid in the middle which left what should have been a perfect pizza, soggy and wet.  Terrible.  Service was attentive and the hostesses were actually very friendly, but the waitress seemed a bit absent and ditsy, though she was nice.

All in all, if I went back I’d do a meat entree (that was probably my mistake) but the pizza, never again.  Too bad because I’ve heard so many things about their authentic pizzas.  I’d certainly think twice before going back.  There are so many other better options.


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