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The seafood in Vancouver IS better!

Just returned from a trip up north to western Canada, and I have to tell you, I’ll never look at sushi and seafood in general, the same way again.

It’s gotta be the water.  The water even TASTES better from the tap!  Anyway, I visited a Japanese place called Sushi Hachi in a suburb about 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver called Richmond.  We had a variety of sashimi items like Sake (fresh salmon), Maguro (tuna), Hamachi (yellowtail), Saba w/Miso glaze (cooked fish), and a selection of raw oysters.  It was the freshest, purest, highest quality fish I’ve ever tasted in my life.  And I’ve had sushi from all over the world!  The Sake sashimi was so fresh and most definitely wild caught because of it’s distinctive pure blood orange color.  Not like the light orange color that’s added to our usual farmed salmon.  At first I thought the quality of fish was exclusive to the establishment, but I later ealized that this was not the case…

The next day I visited a Chinese seafood restaurant called Sun Sui Wah with locations in both the Vancouver and Richmond areas.  Everything we ordered was absolute perfection.  From the Mirugai (giant clam), which can be a difficult and expensive item to find these days, to the sauteed shrimp and crab dishes, every seafood item was as fresh as can be and less expensive than you would find in the States (because of the exchange rate).  No other sushi and seafood will ever taste the same to me from now on.  Ever.  That’s how excellent the quality of seafood was in this town.

I never thought I’d recommend Vancouver for a food lover’s weekend trek, but I am.  And if you’re a seafood or sushi lover, you simply can’t miss it.


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2 thoughts on “The seafood in Vancouver IS better!

  1. Vancouver has excellent food, period. Especially the Chinese food is stellar, in Richmond. You want fish jook at 2:00 a.m.? You got it. You want pan-fried steak with a side of spaghetti for $7.00 Canadian? You got it. Vancouver’s got the advantage of all the lovely produce from British Columbia, Canada’s answer to California’s Central Valley. What do you think of the Bay Area’s sushi? I thought there are some fantastic places.

  2. Bay Area sushi (before I went to Vancouver!) is pretty good. However, I’ve noticed in recent years the quality of fish declining. I have a feeling that commercialism and increasingly polluted waters are taking its toll on fish. I will say that there’s no point in having salmon here because most of it is farmed and the wild stuff is much more expensive. Ebisu is supposedly the best in the city, though it can be a bit overpriced. Good quality, though. There’s great Japanese in the suburbs. If you ever come down to the Bay Area again, I’ll offer some more suggestions. Thanks!

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