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The Sentinel Doesn’t Impress

I’ll start by saying this: it was a good sandwich, but by no means is it great.  I don’t agree with the countless “Best of” lists that say the corned beef is the best sandwich in San Francisco.

It’s a take out counter that moves fast but is still amazingly friendly.  I ordered their famous corned beef sandwich with cabbage, russian dressing and melted gruyere on housemade foccacia.  Perhaps it was the foccacia that lost me.  I’m not a fan since it was a bit of a greasy mess.  I would’ve preferred it on some other type of bread that didn’t compete so much with the other elements of the sandwich. I did like the crisp fresh texture of the cabbage, and the meat was tender, but it wasn’t buttery like corned beef should be.

Granted, I haven’t yet tried the roast beef sammie, which people say is also damn tasty.  But I would easily take a sandwich at Naked Lunch (YUM!) over another one here.  Plus, it’s overpriced at $8.75 a pop.

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2 thoughts on “The Sentinel Doesn’t Impress

  1. you know I don’t really care for foccacia under most circumstances and as bread for a corned beef it seems so wrong–I always have tough foccacia and trying to chew through a sandwich with tough bread sucks! what interests me more though is the crispy sauerkraut or was it more like cabbage? how do you make crispy sauerkraut?

    1. It wasn’t a ruben, so no sauerkraut. It was like corned beef and cabbage in a sandwich, so the cabbage was crispy but not raw. And it had a great vinegary dressing, so it was good. But that bread killed it. Too greasy and competed way too much with the corned beef, which could’ve been juicier and fattier, in my opinion. Too lean.

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