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My Favorite Food Products from BlogHer ’11

Sure there are tons of reasons to visit the BlogHer Annual Conference: great speakers, insightful panels, networking with Fortune 500 brands as well as other like-minded bloggers, not to mention it’s the biggest social media conference for women in the world.

But let’s be honest, many of us love the freebees. This year was no different with 100 sponsors on the expo hall floor. Not every product you’ll try is great, but I’m happy to report that some of them were exceptional.

Here’s my list of a few of my favorite food-related products that I tried and liked, in order.

1) Dannon Oikos Greek Organic Yogurt (NEW) – I LOVED this product. I’ve tried other Greek yogurts and though I like their thick creamy texture, I’ve never been a fan of the tart bite it leaves you with afterwards. This stuff has all the great texture with a smooth creamy aftertaste and much less bite. I believe it when they say it won a taste test against other Greek yogurts. This stuff is awesome and my new favorite.

2) Ella’s Kitchen – These squeezable, portable, all natural, organic fruit pouches for babies and toddlers are different than some similar products on the market. They have no additives: no sugar, salt or even water. It’s made from only 100% organic fruits, veggies and/or rice. They don’t use GMO ingredients either. And best of all, they’re easy to find (Target stores) and my kid loves ’em. Sold.

3) GladWare “Glad to Go” Containers (NEW) – Everyone knows these reusable yet disposable, microwavable, dishwasher-safe containers that have now become a staple in every kitchen across America. But Glad’s gone one step further with this new version of the product by adding a new detachable 1.5 oz cup that snaps right into the lid. This is perfect for keeping salad dressings separate from your greens, bringing dips to go with your veggies. Genius.

4) Jimmy Dean-Jimmy D’s Breakfast Minis: Turkey Sausage on a Mini Croissant (NEW) – Okay, so this certainly isn’t healthy by any means, but I’m a sucker for a breakfast sandwich. Two of these little puppies are only 230 calories and they give you a good amount of morning protein, which always makes me feel better than eating a bowl full of sugar and carbs.

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