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Review Post: Red Envelope’s Cubist Chips and Dip Set

Cubist Chips & Dip Set $69.95 (image courtesy

I haven’t ordered something from Red Envelope, the online luxury gifts company, in many years. But what I do remember is that they have a wide selection of high quality, expensive gifts that would be perfect for special occasions and important people in your life. So when the folks at Red Envelope invited me to find and review one of their Memorable Gifts for Dad, I obliged.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.

I received the item in a very timely fashion, but I was disappointed when I’d opened my box. There were some very noticeable greasy green spots right on the front of the gift box that almost looked like olive oil or some other food stains. It would’ve been a bit unseemly if I had actually decided to order the Cubist Chips and Dip tray ($69.95) and send it directly to my Dad. I expected a little bit more attention to detail from them.

It was packed very well and looked nice. The weight of the glass bowls were good and looked of high quality.

However, I wish I could say the same about the wood tray itself. The moment I picked it up I was disappointed. It lacked the weight that good quality wood would have. It was almost flimsy. And then I noticed two long cracks down the length of the tray, one of which was a very noticeable split in the wood. Again, had my Father actually received this for Father’s Day, I would’ve sent it right back. And at almost $70, it was severely overpriced. I could find something for much cheaper that would certainly suffice. It wasn’t good enough for gifting.

So, I will use the tray when I have company come over, but I was extremely disappointed in the presentation and quality of the product. It wasn’t worthy of the quality I had remembered from Red Envelope. I don’t see myself ordering from them again anytime soon, unless I hear of some improvements, overall.

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  1. I also received one as a gift from our daughter on Christmas and when we opened it the wooden box was cracked along the bottom all the way through the wood. You can see the crack from the front and the back.

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