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The 2011 Restaurant Wish List

So the common question posed to me is, “What restaurants are you wanting to try lately?” I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit, especially since it’s the end of 2010 and you tend to look back on what you’ve done in the last year.

As far as the restaurant wish list is concerned, I think these would be on it:


*Frances (SF) – 2010’s hottest new restaurant and I still can’t get a table.
*Marlowe (SF) – Fairly good parking in the area and I’ve heard raves about their burger.
*Cotogna (SF) – Poised to be one of the most buzzworthy restos for 2011.
*Darwin Cafe (SF) – A friend just told me about this tiny spot and I just have to try it now, with their super enticing, daily changing limited menu of tasty skillets at dinner.


*Martins West (RWC) – It’s English pub food w/California flair. Fish and chips AND a pork belly appetizer.
*All Spice (SM) – Intimate setting, Indian “fusion” menu. Very intriguing.
*Osteria Coppa (SM) – Mixed reviews about this place, but I’m still looking for some good Italian on the Peninsula, so I’m game.
*Ginji (SM) – Some interesting Japanese tapas with a little yakitori and sushi thrown in. I’d go if they’d freakin’ pick up the phone for a reservation.
*Pizzaiolo (Oakland) – Thin crust pizza that’s made news. I’m down.


*Boulevard (SF) – Someone find me an excuse to FINALLY visit this place, please!
*Bar Tartine (SF) – OMG, I can’t believe I haven’t been here yet! Bad parking and the lure of Ti Couz in the area have previously diverted me. But I will make it a point, damnit.
*Spruce (SF) – I have to save myself for a special occasion for this one. Pricey.

Would any one of you foodies like to join me?


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2 thoughts on “The 2011 Restaurant Wish List

  1. Might I suggest going to Boulevard just to go? To experience a San Francisco institution 🙂

    I finally had my first visit there last weekend with my boyfriend, and I highly recommend not making a reservation, but rather sitting at the cook’s counter, which doesn’t take reservations 🙂 You not only get to witness all the action and banter of the kitchen first hand, but you also see every incredible dish come out of the kitchen, as well as the desserts, while you relax with a glass of wine and peruse the many tempting dishes on the menu. Definitely worth every penny I spent!

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