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Nothing Sweet About Dolci

Nail salons in the city are a dime a dozen. In order to compete, many of them have gone higher end by decorating their places to look like mini spas, offering more services, and making the experience better by offering tea and flowery smelling add ons. And many of these spots, like Polished Lounge in San Francisco, do it all very well.

But Dolci Beauty Lounge in San Francisco, unfortunately, does not.

With all the negative stories about cleanliness problems in nail salons and the possible infections and serious health issues, you’d think a spot that caters to clients who want a little more than your generic nail salon experience would actually care about keeping things clean.

Apparently not.

This place doesn’t even make up for it with good service or a particularly good experience in general. The front desk is a joke. The girls who work there openly talk about how they can’t wait to get off work and it shows. They are aloof, rude, and completely unaccommodating.  It’s like they’re herding cattle. They just want you in and out in a flash. They barely give you a glance when you check in.

Worst of all, the woman working on my toenails cut me with the cuticle cutter. She was working too fast and too carelessly on my pedicure to barely notice. I was furious and also worried. Their sinks and surrounding areas were a total mess and in complete disarray. Tools were lying around used and dirty. Towels wet and strewn everywhere. Puddles of water on the floor so that people could easily slip and fall. Nothing seemed clean.

For all the advertising this place does to cater to higher end clientele, you’d think they’d care a little more. But their lack of attention to their business doesn’t bode well for your nails, or your health, either.

Dolci Beauty Lounge – 211 Steiner, San Francisco -415.285.9255


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