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One Hot Little Skillet

LittleskilletComp1-1Fried chicken is like the king of fried foods.  When done right, it’s the perfect combo of juicy flavorful meat and crispy savory crunch. We’re lucky to have several places in the Bay Area that do it well, but all have their slight variations on the original classic.  Little Skillet’s version is classic with Southern flair.

There’s no ambiance to speak of, but that’s okay.  It’s literally hole in the wall, or actually a takeout counter where you walk up to order and take your food away to eat either out on the sidewalk across the street or back to the office.

My friend and I decided to take our eight piece chicken meal with two sides (the macaroni salad with herb vinaigrette and seasoned fries) and buttermilk biscuits, home. We’d finished the fries before we even got home. Total car snacking food and they were great. And the ketchup was a nice sweet tangy sauce that tasted like it was house-made (or at least a tinkered version of the bottled stuff).

IMG_3914The fried chicken was probably the best classic version I’ve had in the Bay Area, to date.  It had a perfectly crisp skin that wasn’t to thick (my friend said it was like really good pork rines) and a wonderful flavor.  It had a tinge of paprika, black pepper and cayenne pepper along with a slight smokiness.  My theory is that it was Old Bay Seasoning they used in the flour coating.  The best part is that the meat was juicy and flavorful, not dry or tasteless like some fried chicken can be.  The skin was tasty, texture was great, and the meat was perfect.

The buttermilk biscuits were nothing to scoff at either.  They were so buttery and good that they almost tasted like a croissant!  My only complaint is that they weren’t warm and there was no honey to go with them.  That would’ve sent me over the moon.


I was also impressed with the macaroni salad, though my friend wasn’t a fan of the herb dressing.  I loved it.  It was fresh and perfectly seasoned, not gloppy or heavy like most pasta salads.  The perfect foil for a heavy chicken and biscuit meal.

You could tell the quality in all their ingredients, including the organic local chicken they use.  And though they’re known for their long lines at lunch (they’re only open 11 am – 2 pm), we must’ve missed it since we arrived at 1:30 and there was no line to speak of (and parking on Townsend was easy-peasy).  If I’m in a decadent mood, I’ll try the chicken and waffle combo next time around.

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