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Holiday Gift Giving That’s Easy & Affordable

cheersstemwarehg08The holidays inevitably bring on stress when you think about what to buy for everyone on your list.  And this year, finances are coming into play more than in years past.  So if you’re needing some guidance, here are some tips…


Why?  Because they have so many simple, elegant, practical yet festive gifts that won’t break the bank.  For example, those red martini glasses on the left.  They’re on sale for only $4 a piece!  (Originally, there were only $6 a piece, anyway.)  You can use them for not only cocktails, but to serve desserts in or even tuna tartare!  They’re practical and very pretty.  Get six of them for just $24!  And best of all they’ll pack it and box it up for you for free.  You don’t have to lift a finger. 🙂


Value Sets are gift sets that are all boxed up and ready for gift giving.  They’re also priced cheaper than if you were buy all the items separately!  Sephora has a huge selection of these boxed sets at so many different price points.  Because Sephora offers everything from skincare to fragrance to makeup to bath products, that gives both the giver AND the receiver some great options, just in case they want to return what you got them.  Oh, and once again because life is complicated enough, you can get a free gift box or red pouch so you never have to touch the wrapping paper.


This place is so much more than a pharmacy.  Ignore that section of the store and go for the gifts.  They’ve got all natural products, organic options, health and well-being items (organic cosmetics, skincare, bath and body items), fitness stuff (yoga, pilates), and fun stuff for the home (candles, decorative items and home decor that’s very zen).  It’s the perfect place for the health conscious person in your life.


Why more people don’t consider this place an option for housewarming or hostess gifts, I’ll never know.  I’m not a sweets person but See’s Candies are always a good thing.  They’ve got more than just chocolates.  They’ve got boxed lollipops, different candies, and even X’mas boxed sets that are great for babysitters, teachers, or kids.  And they have so many options at different price points.  Some even come pre-wrapped!  Lovely.


They’ve got so many fun and eclectic food and gift items that you can spend forever in here.  There’s wine, food, even glassware so it’s super easy to put together a gift basket.  And it’s stuff you can’t find anywhere else!  Special, fun, affordable, and it’s a great place to get co-worker or teachers’ gifts.


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