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Lovely Sugary and Sweet

My friends know I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I’ve always had a sweet spot for cupcakes :).  There’s something so happy and perfect about a little serving of cake and frosting.  A good cupcake is just a lovely thing.

So I’ve been to a couple of cupcake joints in the city, but have never been able to get to Kara’s to see if all the recent hype about this place is warranted.  I always seem to get there after they close or after they’ve sold the last cupcake.  But last week, I finally made it  And I didn’t try just one!

I got the Chocolate Velvet, Vanilla with Chocolate Frosting, and the Fleur de Sel, which was filled with creamy caramel (talk about decadent!).  All of them were rich and full of flavor.  The cakes were super moist and had great flavor.  You could taste the quality in the local ingredients they used. 

But my favorite was surprisingly the Vanilla with Chocolate Frosting.  I loved how the cake had REAL vanilla flavor that didn’t taste like a synthetic flavoring.  And the frosting was super sweet, rich, and had a sophisticated chocolate flavor because of the high grade chocolate.

This is not a subtle or light cupcake.  It is sweet, rich and decadent so pace yourself!  It is a true sweet tooth’s dream come true.  For someone like me, it was a wonderful treat and definitely worth going back to.

Kara’s Cupcakes – San Francisco (Chestnut @ Scott and Ghirardelli Square) and Palo Alto (coming soon) –


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