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Ice Cream for those who can’t have it :)

Courtesy of Laloo

It’s pretty common to know someone who is lactose intolerant. Unfortunately, my husband and I both fall into that bucket, though admittedly, he’s better at avoiding cheese than I am. (I’m sorry but a life without cheese is just not worth living.)

There are many digestive enzymes and pills that you can take to help you digest dairy better, but for us, it’s better to avoid cow’s milk when we can. So what to do if we start craving some ice cream?…

We were at Whole Foods the other day and found a product called Laloo. It’s a brand of ice cream that’s made from goat’s milk. Now, I know I’ve mentioned that I’m not crazy about ice cream (I know, I’m just weird that way), but when it gets as warm out as it has lately, even I want some ice cream to cool me down.

So we tried the goat’s milk ice cream and it was fantastic. It was totally creamy, rich, and didn’t have that strange tang that goat’s milk can have. And apparently, goat’s milk is easier for your body to digest than cow’s milk, in general.

The only negative about Laloo? That strange tang comes around after you’ve eaten it. It was like the familiar goat’s milk tang had a delayed reaction, leaving a strange taste in your mouth after you’re done with the ice cream. It was like I’d just eaten goat cheese. Odd, I know, but while you’re eating it you don’t notice any funny flavor at all.

Laloo is a great alternative if you can’t take the cow’s milk, and it’s pretty darn tasty. It’s no Ben and Jerry’s, but you could definitely do a lot worse.


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