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Crate & Barrel CAN Be Affordable!


Have I really never written about this place?

I guess I’ve kept this place on my regular repatoire of favorite bargain spots for so long that I forgot to mention it. But it’s REALLY worth visiting.

We’re lucky enough in the Bay Area to have one of the few Crate and Barrel Outlet stores in the country. It’s located on the quaint shopping area of Fourth Street in Berkeley, which means parking can be a challenge on the weekends. But you could easily spend an afternoon in the neighborhood. But I digress…

The Crate and Barrel Outlet takes discontinued, seasonal, and sample merchandise and sells it at up to 85% off their original prices. I just got four picture frames, a wine decanter and four matching wine glasses, a large glass centerpiece bowl, and two juice glasses on one visit and spent only 80 bucks. How’s that for a deal on Crate and Barrel merchandise?

They also have a huge selection of furniture, bedding, dishes, table linens, home decor and accessories, kitchenware, glasses, gifts, basically anything you can think of at a regular Crate and Barrel. Each time you go the merchandise will be different so if you see something, you should grab it. And you don’t need a sale since everything’s already marked down so much (some more than others, of course).

There are no drawbacks to paying this place a visit every once in a while. Some times will be better than others, but it’ll always be worth a visit, if only to gawk at the prices.

Crate and Barrel Outlet 1785 Fourth Street, Berkeley – 510.528.5500


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