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So we were in the market for a sofa…


The West Point sofa from the Kathy Ireland for Omni Furniture collection (We didn’t order white, of course…)

My husband and I just bought a lovely dark brown leather couch after having my horrible Jennifer Convertables sofa for 10 years.  10 years!  Way too long.  And it was never comfortable.  So we decided to make our first major grown up furniture purchase and pay some good money for a long-term, quality leather couch. 

After visiting every furniture chain and local store we could think of, my husband recommended a random store called the Sofa Outlet along El Camino in San Mateo.  He saw it on the way to a Thai restaurant we were headed to.  As usual, I didn’t take him seriously.

It wasn’t until some local show on TV mentioned it as a good place to shop for almost any style couch you can think of, at 20-30% off retail.  I was so there!  (Sorry, Honey.)

After multiple visits leafing through the tons and tons of catalogs, and then realizing the style we liked most wouldn’t fit through the narrow hallway of our home (we wanted the Pottery Barn “Manhattan” look-alike couch), we decided on an expresso brown couch from Omnia Furniture.  We could totally choose the color and grade of leathers since it would be custom made!

We ordered a standard three seater sofa, two large oversized chairs (like the ones the comfy ones they have in major bookstores for reading) and a large ottoman.  It was all high grade, pre-treated leather, and the tab including tax and a minimal delivery charge only because they had to go up to the second floor of our home (usually it’s free!), and it was $6000.  That may sound like a lot, but they’re investment pieces, and good leather sofa sets can cost WAY more than that.  We easily saw some that were in the five figures!

So we finally got them this week, and I can’t tell you how happy we are.  They are so comfy, great quality, and best of all the staff at the store AND the delivery staff were friendly, careful, and accomodating.  Great service, great price, great quality…a win-win for sure.

Sofa OutletEl Camino Real, San Mateo


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