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Pizza by Delfina


I LOVE THIN CRUST PIZZA! And my lactose intolerance wasn’t enough to stop me and J. in our quest for an expertly prepared thin crust Neapolitan-style pizza.

Regulars to Pizzeria Delfina know the waits can be long. Fortunately, we were there by 12:10, and I snagged their last two top inside the restaurant.

Their menu is small, but everything we had was exceptionally fresh and expertly prepared. We decided on the Spicy Cauliflower antipasti to start and it was delicious. The capers were the perfect foil for the roasted cauliflower’s nutty flavor. Nice and tangy. And there was just a hint of spice that came from the few bright red slivers of chili pepper.


J. ordered the Salsiccia Pizza, which included slivers of red onion and fresh fennel sausage. The sausage was wonderfully fresh and mild with just a touch of spice and depth from the fennel.

And that crust!!! Words can’t explain that fabulously wonderful crust! It’s not cracker thin so that it snaps. That’s a whole different kind of thin crust pizza. This one was perfectly thin, but still with a touch of doughy bite. It was perfectly crisp on the bottom so that when you bit into it, you could hear the crispness. It was heaven!  No two thin crust pizzas are created equal, and this one was exceptional.


I chose the Margherita which had buffalo mozzarella, a mild tomato sauce, and a disappointing two–count ’em, two–basil leaves. The cheese and sauce were obviously fresh and exceptional in quality, but almost too simple and lacking a bit of oomph. But that crust was again, the star of this pie. It made a good pie, truly memorable.


The place is tiny with only a handful of tables and a few counter stools. If you’re willing to take advantage of the sidewalk tables, they do have heat lamps. Everything is very basic so decor and atmosphere aren’t what you’re here for.

It does get loud though with everyone waiting for a table during peak times and the incredibly loud pumping music. Still, the staff are friendly and don’t rush you even when the line is out the door. Something J. and I can appreciate.

There was no room for any dessert on this trip, but we did seem to find some once we walked over to Bi-Rite Creamery just down the street.

Totally worth my lactose intolerance’s consequences.

Pizzeria Delfina – 3611 18th St., S.F. – 415.437.6800


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