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The Most Wonderful Sale of the Year…


It’s the sale I wait for ALL YEAR LONG…  People ask how I can afford a premier designer bag.  This once-a-year sale is the single reason I can…

It’s the Saks Fifth Avenue After Christmas Sale!

From the moment they open on December 26th in the morning until 12 noon ONLY, they’ll take an additional 50% off ALL already sale merchandise for a total of up to 70% off!!!  One year, I got a Hogan leather handbag for only $250 (original price was around $1000), and a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes for around $75 (original price was around $300), and my husband got a Hugo Boss suit for $250!  You can’t afford not to go!

But this sale is for the serious designer shopper, so you’ll need some inside tips:

1.) The sale is advertised to start at 8am, but it DOESN’T!  IT STARTS AT 7AM!!!  (San Francisco and Phoenix stores only.  All others nationwide do open at 8.)  You can thank me later 🙂 .

2.) You cannot arrive to this sale any later than 6:30am.  Why?  There’s a line that starts to form outside the store.  Trust me, it is THAT worth it.  And if you arrive after 7:30am, you might as well stay home.  Seriously.  All the good handbags and shoes will totally be gone.

3.) Once the doors open, it will be a madhouse.  You’ll want to hit the handbags first, shoes second.  That said, go to the handbags and pick up the bags that are already on sale.  These are the ones that will be marked down an additional 50% off.  Sometimes, there’s only one of each bag (the Guccis and Pradas, especially), so don’t waste time lingering.

4.) At the SF location, we forget that they’ve moved some of the designer bag labels (Juicy, Kate Spade, Marc by Marc Jacobs) upstairs to the Contemporary department.  If you love handbags as much as I do, you may want to head there before everyone else does to avoid the crowds.  You may be able to score a Kate Spade for 100 bucks or less!  Again, you can thank me later.

5.) The shoe salon will be just as chaotic, if not more.  Pick out all your shoes, and I mean ALL of them, and then go get the salesman to help you.  Again, plan wisely.

6.) Last, head upstairs to apparel.  At the top floor is the newly remodeled Contemporary Women’s department.  You’ll find labels like Nanette Lapore, Marc Jacobs, Vince, Rebecca Taylor, Theory and all the others.  Selection will be vast and a lot of it will be 70% off.

7.) The best advice my Mom ever gave me when it comes to serious sales: “Buy first, think later.”  At Saks, you can return your sale merchandise, with receipt, within 30 days.  If you like it even remotely, buy it.  You can return it later.  Because if you linger too long, it’ll be gone…

This sale will take stamina and patience, and only the most serious of shoppers will survive. 

I know you’re laughing, but I’m serious! 

This is not for the faint of heart, so wear comfortable shoes, don’t wear a big coat (it’ll get hot in there with all the people), and eat a good breakfast.  But you’ll be rewarded with some fantastic finds.

I know this is probably the most shallow entry I’ve ever written, but I don’t care.  A serious sale is seriously fun.

Oh, and you’re welcome. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Sale of the Year…

  1. I’m going to be sooo ready in 2008. Will train and save my $$$ the entire year. Might be worth to stay at a hotel near Saks if don’t know of a friend in SF where can crash that night.

  2. Oh Doug, I TOTALLY believe it. The sale is like no other and I could easily plunk down some serious change if I worked there too.

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