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Bouchon shows ’em how it’s done


Imposters take note.

Brunch may seem like a simple thing to execute successfully.  But if you visit Thomas Keller’s Bouchon at the Venetian in Las Vegas, you’ll realize that it’s all in the details.

The setting is classic French bistro with dark hardwoods, tiled floors, and the typical high ceilings and large lighting fixtures.  Nothing extraordinarily special, but it definitely says classic sophistication, which tells you exactly what you’re in for.


And what we started with was probably my favorite part of the entire meal…the bread.  Usually, it’s barely an afterthought when someone brings the breadbasket to the table.  But here, it was a sign of things to come.  I haven’t had bread this absolutely tasty in YEARS!  It was the perfect french bread roll.  Perfectly crispy on the outside, soft, airy and slightly sweet on the inside.  And the butter (covered with a piece of parchment decorated with a whimsical beach ball illustration) and jam were heavenly, as well.  You could tell that jam was made with fresh blueberries because of their sweet natural flavor.  Mmmm…  It’s great how with all the complicated dishes that restaurants put out, something as simple as bread can still impress you.

I ordered the omelette special of the day with zucchini, chorizo, and a mild cheese served with brioche and sausage.  Everything on the plate was obviously of supreme quality right down to the brioche.  It makes a world of difference just in their presentation, and of course, clearly in the way they taste.  The omelette was perfectly prepared, light, and fluffy.  Just an expertly prepared, perfectly portioned dish.

My husband had the steak and eggs, medium rare.  I told myself that how close they come to “medium rare” will be a sign of how much expertise is in the kitchen…

They were right on the money. 


The fillet of beef he ordered was perfectly medium rare and the cut of beef superior.  It was melt in your mouth buttery and good.  And again, the eggs were fluffy and light (though he would’ve liked to have a little more of them on the plate).  And those homefries were fantastic!  They were a cross between a french fry (crispy on the outside, meaty and soft on the inside) and a homefry.

Our waitress wasn’t the most experienced or polished server we could’ve asked for.  But what she lacked in finesse she made up for in genuine friendliness, and that’s all I need.

It’s no secret the onslaught of celebrity restaurants in this town and the glitz and glamour that go with them.  With Bouchon, however, Thomas Keller shows us that substance can never make up for style, no matter how how glaring it is in Vegas.


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