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Fashion Bargains: Spring/Summer 2007

At the end of every major sale season, I like to look back at some of the loot I was able to score at more than half off the original price.  Smart shopping takes work and I like reaping the rewards.

And I’ve also included some shopping tips to help you score the best bargains during next season’s biggest sales:


*Kate Spade Elan Handbag in Black / Original price: $365 / Sale price: $170

WHERE: during their special “Sample Sale”

TIP: I know getting spam that clogs up your inbox is a drag, but theirs is one email list you REALLY want to sign up for!


*Molton Brown London Shower Gels / Original price: $25 / Sale price: $6.25

WHERE: Bath and Body Works Stonestown Galleria, S.F. (I got three bottles and should’ve gotten more!  Hey, if they’re good enough for Madonna, they’re good enough for me.)

TIP: Eventhough they’re all part of the same chain, certain stores carry some items that others don’t.  Check often during the sale season and go to different locations.  And items like this make great gifts for any occassion, so buy extra.


*Theory Silk Brocade Deep Purple Cropped Jacket / Original price: $425 / Sale price: $40

WHERE: Jeremy’s Department Store, S.F. during their massive spring clearance in May

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*J.Crew Linen Middy Jacket / Original price: $148 / Sale price: $22.50

WHERE: J.Crew Stonestown Galleria, S.F.

TIP: No matter what the sale price is online, it pays to get out of that chair and haul your ass over to an actual store.  And with some chain stores, eventhough there may be several locations in your area, their sale prices can easily vary from store to store.

It’s hard, but I try not to buy something just because it’s on sale or ridiculously cheap.  The key is to actually like what you’re buying. 

Otherwise, it’s just a waste of money.


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