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Japanese Bargains

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Downtown San Mateo has turned into a charming little area, as long as you don’t have to hit the movie theatre on a Friday night.  What a mess!

That’s why an evening after work is the perfect time to stroll along 3rd and 4th Ave.  Especially if you’re in search for a really cheap Japanese meal.  Really cheap!

At 6:30pm, every weekday night, Suruki Japanese Supermarket (71 E. 4th Ave.) slashes the prices on all their fresh sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi by 50%.  And their selection and quality are very good for the price.

What’s the catch?  ARRIVE BEFORE 6:30!  Preferrably at 6:20 pm on a weeknight.  The minute the clock strikes 6:30 (and there is a big clock on the wall), the crowds that will have formed will be fighting for all the half-priced Japanese food they can carry!  You’ll see the herds form at about 6:15 pm and continue to grow until the staff gives you the green light to go. 

But is it worth all the pushing and shoving?  If you think spending $18 on Japanese food for a party of three is a good deal, then absolutely!  So bring your game face, or the little Asian lady in front of you just might beat you to all the good stuff!

If supermarket Japanese sushi isn’t your thing, then take a seat at Ni-mo Japanese restaurant (73 E. 3rd Ave).  They have bargain bento box lunch specials on weekdays ($7.95 for a nice full bento box meal), and 20% off all sushi and rolls on Tuesday and Thursday nights!  Now mind you, this won’t be the most authentic Japanese meal you’ll ever have (the owners are Chinese!), but the food is fresh, the portions are healthy, the service is attentive, there’s hardly ever a wait, and best of all, the food is very good for the price.

And to complete your Japanese themed evening, stop by Ichiban Kan (98 E. Third Ave).  It’s a dollar discount store, Japanese style.  You’ll find the cutest items you never knew you needed, like housewares, food, gifts, and all other trinkets from Japan.  It’s a fun experience and you’re sure to walk out with more than a few items to show for it.


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