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I Heart a Good Sale

I’m not a fan of finding the same selection of merchandise at every department and chain store (Gap, Macy’s, etc.).  And I don’t like thinking about whether someone at the office will end up with the same purse I got over the weekend because I found it on sale at a big department store.

Well there’s a remedy for that.  I love finding “secret” sales to ensure a different shopping experience, and I Heart Independent is a different kind of shopping experience.  

A good friend of mine is putting on this shopping event.  And unlike most sample sales, you don’t have to have an invitation, sign up for anything, or pay up the wazoo for “premier” status.  Admission is free!

You’ll find high-end, handmade products like jewelry, clothing, handbags, all at discount prices.  The event will support Bay Area artists and designers and help them reach a larger audience through their one of a kind merchandise.

This shopping event will be on Saturday, May 19th, at Jillian’s restaurant in the Metreon.  The Fifth and Mission parking garage is right across the street so it’ll be easy to get to.  For more info, visit their website at

Have fun!


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