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Some boutiques, a nail spa, and a sale.


Photo of nail salon within Azalea boutique from

I love the fashions you can find at boutiques.  The stuff is different from what you’d find at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s.  But boutique shopping can be expensive.  

However, there are the occasional exceptions.  There’s Find Outlet in Manhattan (gotta check it out if you’re there!), Pearl Wonderful Clothing in Larkspur (great deals in their Sale Annex), Red Dot in Marin and My Roommate’s Closet in SF.  (I’ll write more about those places some other time.)  But there are two that are worth mentioning this week.

Jeremy’s is the best in bargain boutique shopping.  Their South Park location in San Francisco and College Ave. in Oakland are both having a huge sale worth talking about.  On April 14 & 15, they’re marking down their already hugely discounted prices an additional 30-60% for women’s fashions, shoes and accessories.  And that’s definitely worth mentioning because their prices are already more than half off to begin with.  It’s only for one weekend.  Then the following weekend will be the mens’ sale, and then the weekend after that (April 28 & 29) they will mark everything down again for the final time, just for that weekend.  You’ll risk a limited selection by then, of course, and that’s the trade off for waiting till final markdowns. 

The Oakland location has lower priced items from stores like Barney’s, J.Crew and Anthropologie.  Some items can be slightly damaged, so make sure you inspect before you buy.  The store in S.F. has stuff that’s higher end (and therefore a little more expensive) from major expensive department stores.  I’ve even seen Prada bags there for way cheaper than usual just because they’re a few seasons old.  Either way, they’re both a hotbed of major bargains, especially with their sale.  It’s not to be missed.

The second store worth mentioning is Azalea.  It’s a bustling boutique in Hayes Valley in SF and it’s on a great street where you can do some fun shopping on a weekend afternoon.  And Azalea even has an adorable nail salon WITHIN the boutique that takes walk-ins.  It’s a great concept.

But what may be even better is their online store.  If you go to, just check out their Sale section.  There’s a “Bargain Bin” full of great distinctive fashions, some even as low as just $20!  And they even have free shipping, so you don’t even have to be in SF to enjoy the bargains!  I can’t confirm if they have the same bargain section in the store (if they do I haven’t noticed it yet), but if you get free shipping online anyway, you can’t loose.


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