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That’s a damn good burger.

Last night my husband and I finally paid a visit to Jeffrey’s Hamburgers in San Mateo.  After hearing much fuss about this place and being in the mood for a burger, I finally made the trek over there.It was a clean, white diner-like space and you go up to order and wait for them to bring your food to your table.  I was this close to ordering the fish and chips, but that will have to wait for my next visit.  (I like that they had a bottle of malt vinegar at each table.  It’s the little things.)  And my husband loved the condiment and toppings table in the back of the restaurant.  The whole idea of choice is something he loves when dining out.

So he ordered the Double Cheeseburger and I got the Mushroom Burger.  I expected something pretty good.  After all, I was in the mood for a real burger.  But what my husband and I got well exceeded our expectations.  It was just excellent.  My husband is a real meat connoiseur and takes pride in his steaks and burgers, but even he admitted that Jeffrey’s burgers were better than his!  They were juicy and flavorful.  Not the least bit dry.  I’m all about condiments on my burgers, hotdogs, fries, you name it.  But my burger and the accompanying mushrooms (and there were so many of them that they kept slipping out!) were so deliciously flavorful that if I had no access to the ketchup and mayo I actually used, it would still be one of the best damn burgers I’ve ever had, period.

We also got an order of Garlic Fries to share.  They, unfortunately, weren’t as flavorful on their own as the burgers, but they were fried to a perfect crisp so they had great texture.  And the raw garlic and shredded parmesan cheese mixture on top really packed a punch.

My husband and I really loved the food here.  So much so that we couldn’t stop talking about it even after we got home.  Next time we go I’m tempted to try their Fish and Chips with a nice thick shake.  But at least now I know there’s a great burger to be had here anytime I wish.


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  1. There’s nothing as good as a great burger. Unfortunately they’re few and far between. Keep lookin’ and cookin.
    Dee at

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