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The best places for Easter Brunch that AREN’T in Walnut Creek!

My support of EasterBunnyDude’s mission to change Walnut Creek’s “Spring Bunny” and “Spring Egg Hunt” back to EASTER titled events, continues.  (  Especially since the city has made a statement about the whole issue, and it isn’t pretty…  (

So, here’s a list of the best places to go for a great Bay Area EASTER Sunday Brunch that are NOT in Walnut Creek!  After all, why patronize a city that refuses to listen to not only it’s own voters, but the masses of people who agree with EBD all across the country?

THE DUCK CLUB (Lafayette) – It’s a little pricier, but it’s the perfect place to enjoy a special occassion like Easter, which comes around only once a year (after all, spring lasts for a whole three months and really isn’t worth having a special meal for).  They’re known for their Sunday brunch so your can’t go wrong.  The Easter Bunny himself has been known to pay a visit in previous years, so you can skip the Walnut Creek “Spring” celebrations altogether!

CAFE ESIN (San Ramon) – It’s located in the corner of a strip mall, but it’s certainly no fast food place.  The decor is simple yet elegant and the food is American with Mediterranean touches.  They’ll be serving a special menu of items for $33 per person on Easter Sunday (cheaper for kids).

LEFT BANK (various locations including Pleasant Hill, Larkspur, and others on the Peninsula and South Bay) – The food at this restaurant is rich but always satisfying.  It’s a classic bistro setting and the prices are reasonable if you compare it with other mid to high end places around the Bay Area.  The original location in Larkspur remains the best in food, service, and setting.

FOREIGN CINEMA (San Francisco) – It’s the least traditional choice on this list, but it’s good if you’re looking for something different.  I’d recommend their version of “Pop Tarts” made with organic fruit and a lovely dough, and their Fried Egg dish with balsamic vinegar glaze and rose & roasted garlic hash.  Delish!

STACKS (various locations including Burlingame, Redwood City, and Menlo Park) – This is hands down my favorite breakfast/brunch place to head to.  But the wait can make you completely crazy, so go either really early (anytime before 8:30) or much later (anytime between 1:30-2:30).  They close at 2:30 everyday, but if you get there at 2:25, they certainly won’t turn you away and they’ll still serve you with a smile without trying to hurry you up.

So enjoy your Easter Brunch with pride.  And if you happen to drive through Walnut Creek, stop only long enough to wish everyone a “Happy Easter!”  It’s the right thing to do.  🙂


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