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My NEW Favorite Restaurant!

So last night, J. and I went to Town Hall for dinner.  It’s a restaurant we’ve both wanted to try for a long time so we were looking forward to it…and it did NOT disappoint!

We decided to share the “Warm Smithfield Ham & Cheese Toast w/Poached Egg and Jalapeno Cream.”  Words can not even describe how good this dish was!!!  I told the waiter it must’ve had crack in it.  J. and I couldn’t even talk to each other this dish was so good!  It is a MUST TRY if you go.  It’s rich, cheesy, distinctive, and just heaven.  Who knew something so simple could be so good!

Then, I ordered the “Buttermilk Fried Chicken” and J. got the “Peanut Crusted Pork Chop.”  My chicken was so fabulous!  Hot and juicy with flavorful meat and a perfectly light and crisp crust.  I hate chicken that’s bland inside but fortunately that didn’t happen here.  And J.’s pork chop was very juicy and tender.  The mustardy peanut crust was fabulous, but the flavor didn’t excite like the fried chicken did.  And I could do without the brussel sprouts on my plate.  Bitter.

Then we shared the “Butterscotch & Chocolate Pot de Creme” dessert and there’s really no other dessert you should order on the menu.  (I’ve heard the chocolate cake is dry so don’t try that one.)  Our Pot de Creme was so creamy, decadent, and perfectly flavored.  And the toffee/chocolate chips on top are a perfect texture contrast to the creamy smoothness of the Pot de Creme.  Just perfect!

I have to say that the service was excellent too.  From the moment we walked in (5 minutes late), the hostess was friendly and so was our waiter without being obnoxious.  He let us linger over our dinner so we could have nice long conversations without being interrupted, but was perfectly attentive.  And the best thing about this restaurant was the lack of pretentiousness.  The service wasn’t at all snotty and the food was comforting yet gourmet.  And the setting was distinctive without being pretentious.  But this place is LOUD!  Not the best for a quiet romantic dinner.  But it is a good night out.

I have to say that J. and I ordered perfectly because of our extensive research of the restaurant (I like to know what’s on the menu before I go and see what people like and don’t like).  Next time I go I’d like to perhaps get two starters as my entree (the toast again for sure and perhaps the veal meatballs or the tuna tartare.  Heard good things about those two dishes) and the pot de creme again.

Overall, it was just fabulous.

Town Hall – 342 Howard St. – San Francisco – 415.908.3900


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