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The Asian answer to Sephora

What girl doesn’t love Sephora?  It’s like a mega-mart of cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance, without the annoying department store salesperson.  Hell, even my husband loves trying their stuff for men!

But if any of you have spent some time in Asia, you’ll know they have their own version of Sephora.  It’s called “Sasa,” and it’s where all women go for their beauty products.  If you visit any major metropolitan city in Asia you’ll find one, and it’s worth a trip.

But because of the internet, you don’t have to go to Asia to visit Sasa.  Their website will suffice nicely.

So why should you care?  First, they totally ship to the States and the shipping rates are very normal.  Second, there’s a wide array of products that you can’t get in this country (or at least are harder to find).  Shisedo has additional product lines on the site, and Kanebo has products you can find in the U.S.

But here’s the biggest reason…  Some of the products they carry that CAN be found in the States, are cheaper at!  It could be because they’re either made in Asia or more popular there than they are here.  Some brands are discounted anywhere from 20% to 30% on a regular basis, like Bourjois and Dior Addict cosmetic lines, and even some SK-II items!  These are brands that would never go on sale in America, but are always cheaper at  They even offer free shipping on all U.S. orders if you purchase $75 or more.


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Fashion Bargains: Fall 2007

I’ve been talking to a few friends lately and I’ve decided to do one of these “shopping round up” postings a season.  A good chance for me to see what I’m spending my money on and share it with my friends who read this blog :).

So, here are the “greatest hits” of my Fall 2007 shopping adventures.


WHAT: Black suede embroidered platform peeptoe wedges / DESIGNER: O by Oscar de la Renta / WHERE: Jeremy’s (SF) / ORIGINAL PRICE: estimated at $285 / SALE PRICE: $35

COMMENTS: I feel like I have to find at least one ridiculously cheap designer piece every season at the Jeremy’s clearance sale.  This was it.  When you sign up for their mailing list and they send you the notice for the seasonal clearance, drop everything and go.


WHAT: Turquoise full skirt, knee length / DESIGNER: Viola / WHERE: Anthropologie / ORIGINAL PRICE: $88 / SALE PRICE: $10

COMMENTS: I love, love, love Anthropologie.  But I never shop the first two-thirds of the store because the stuff is WAY overpriced.  I always head to the very back of every Anthro and search through their rotating selection of sale merchandise.  On this occasion, I really scored when I found the $10 rack.


WHAT: Black polka dotted peeptoe mini-wedges / DESIGNER: Mossimo / WHERE: Target / PRICE: $25

COMMENTS: These shoes weren’t on sale, but for twenty-five bucks what more of a discount do you need?  I can’t believe how ridiculously comfortable these shoes are.  They go with just about everything, have that whimsical patent red heel, and I’ve seen the same design in department stores for so much more.  Like I needed another reason to go to Target.


WHAT: Eggshell leather handbag with brass chain / DESIGNER: Marc Jacobs Resort Collection 2007 / WHERE: Saks Fifth Avenue, Las Vegas / ORIGINAL PRICE: $1275 / SALE PRICE: $500

COMMENTS: I know, the bag is five hundred freakin’ dollars, but consider this:

1) I’m a designer handbag whore

2) Real designer handbag bargains of more than 50% off are nearly impossible to score anymore.  This one was 65% off (unheard of for a limited edition designer bag)!

3) I was on vacation

4) It’s a timeless bag (not too trendy or kitchy)

5) Have you looked at it???  It’s gorgeous ;-P.